In 1995 my father decided to profit from a new political 03_mobira_talkman_151111system (after 1989) and to use his experience he had gained and he established company Speedway-trading, s.r.o. From the beginning he focused on paper industry as he studied it on college and he worked on different positions in paper mills.

Company did business with wood, pulp and paper. Nowadays we do not trade with wood, but we still supply and develop paper industry business with pulp and paper.

I joined the company and partially replaced my father in 2013, after my own career growth in domestic and abroad market. I think, that this model of family business “continuation” was correct and led to a new perspective and joint and new experience in international business.

We are now one of main supplier of pulp and paper in Czech. Please learn about our products under “Products”. We also decided to use our know-how and to help starting and small companies. We offer service international business focused on Poland.

We offer experience supported by practice. We will be glad if we will help you to start your own international business.

Have a nice day

Ing. Svatopluk Boček

Company manager

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