As not every man is the same neither the paper is. Try to use office paper in toilet 🙂

There are a lot of types of paper and also lot of properties, which are requested as whiteness, strength, printability, abrasion endurance, a so on. Paper is made in different grammage /weight per square meter/and different thickness.

Paper is made from pulp, waste paper or their mix, which leads to lot of finished paper variations and influences its price and use.

It is not so diverse with pulp, but there is not only one type of pulp. Pulp is made from wood (trees) and pine has different properties of wood than beech, which influence in quality and type of pulp.

Pulp is simply divided based on wood to hardwood pulp consisted of short pulp fibers and made from deciduous trees and to softwood pulp consisted of long pulp fibers made from conifers. Pulp can be natural or bleached. There is also difference on technology used, specific production process and wood composition.

We do understand such differences, so you can be sure, you will get, what you need.



We offer hardwood bleached pulp. The price depends on your location and will be presented DAP (INCOTERMS). The pulp is high quality from EU production.


Hygienic papers

We do trade mainly with hygienic papers for further processing, meaning we supply mother reels at minimum 1 truck per order, from which the final products are made.

We can offer you also finished products with reasonable price from our own clients or suppliers. Only condition is minimum order quantity one truck.

Testliner, fluting, schrenz and cardboard reels

We supply above mentioned paper. Their quality is certified by long term contracts with our clients. We can supply few pellets for testing.

Clients produce from such papers paper tubes, cardboard protective edges, corrugated cardboard, tubes for toilet paper.

You can choose grammage from 160 to 570 g/m2.

Packaging papers, parchment paper, grey recycled papers with low grammage

We also offer above mentioned papers.

This type of paper is used for food packaging, production of paper bags and for grease or water proof packaging production.

You can choose grammage from 28 to 250 g/m2.


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